Friday, January 19, 2007

Thanks to the telepathy community and the team

Now that the N800 has been out for a month and things are settling down, I would like to take the time and opportunity to openly acknowledge and thank the open source work that has been done in 2006 inside OSSO Application - particularly in the domain of real time communication.

In October 2006, we started the work to enable the OSSO platform with voice and video. Now, in february 2007, the team working together with the Open source has managed to deliver on-time for 2 different HW (770 and N800).

The first thanks I would like to extend is to our in-house team. Nothing would have been achieved without the hard work and competence of those guys. So Sasha, Jussi, Andrei, Simone, Naba (as well the newly arrived): thanks to all of you!

On the Open source front, I would like to take my hats off to the Telepathy community, and specially to Robert McQueen, Philip Kallaf and Robert Taylor.
We had to find a viable open source architecture that would allow us to enable the platform with both voice and video inside a six month time-window. Those guys made it happen with the utmost professionalism.

Thanks to all of you

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