Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hiring in Mountain View, California.

Maemo SW is setting up a site in Mountain View - which means that there are some positions currently opened that might be of interest to some of you. This site will deal with third-party and partner management with a special focus on the Internet services and technologies. We are looking for people with very different background- some product management and UI positions for instance. I am in particular looking for somebody to manage the site. (go to the careers link on http://www.nokia.com/ site and search for the "Maemo SW, US site manager and Head of third-party and partner development" position). This is a quite interesting position, and we are looking for somebody who would have both the technical and open source background as well as some insight on product management and partnering
As far as RD is concerned, there are several positions available: architect, project manager, lead developer. Hope to hear from you.


Valério Valério said...

You should post those opportunity's here too : http://maemo.org/news/jobs/

Anonymous said...

As an employer I'm sure you would look negatively upon any applicant who submitted a poorly worded CV littered with spelling mistakes and other errors.

As prospective candidates should we feel the same about you as a potential employer and your poorly worded job offer? Attention to detail, attention to detail - apparently it's what the entire Maemo project lacks from root to tip.

I would suggest in future that you have your job offers proof read prior to publication, or simply take more time/make more effort when you next make such an important statement lest it reflect negatively upon yourself.

The impression I get is that you're not really very serious about this offer and couldn't be bothered to check for errors. Maemo.org all over! :)

Texrat said...

I'm currently located at the Irving site, and can't move out of Texas for the time being. What I need is a position in the Mountain View office that lets me work out here for the most part and fly in to beautiful northern California as needed. So... get the req created! :D

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.