Saturday, October 15, 2011


2 weesk ago, Nokia released what is probably its greatest device until now. The N9.

I have worked 2 years on almost every aspects of the N9 and 10 years on the Maemo/Meego platform. The N9 is actually  the first true design statement from Nokia and it is carrying a technology that was unique in the mobile platform world... Many things are right in this device... Yet, six month ago, Nokia ramped down meego and discontinued any effort to take this platform further. 
This appears to be a paradox, but it is not. Strategy is the voice of realpolitik. Somebody adds the numbers, looks at the bottom line, makes a decision.... and sometimes makes a sacrifice, and takes a chance...Future will tell.

I will found comfort in predicting that the N9 will have the destiny of a legend. Intense, grandiose  and short lived like a firework...."Too weird to live , too rare to die" like a rock'n roll star.
Mark my words,  when Hendrix wants to connect with Cobain in heaven, he goes for his guitare, halts, reaches for his pocket...and pulls out his N9.

I thank all of my colleagues and friends in Nokia and Meego for those wonderful 10 years. Hat's off to you, gentlemen.
I know we will always be in touch.
As for me, I have left Nokia since the summer, and I have started heading Application and Platform development for webOS for HP.