Monday, May 28, 2012

webOS reloaded.

It has been a tough year but webOS is on the rise again. I am  in charge of development for the whole webOS software stack as well as the community and developer relations that are behind Open webOS.
With the help of our wonderful team, we are already in the process of defining a great roadmap. We need people...and we are already recruiting. Bellow you will find a few interesting positions related to my organization.
Director, Systems Software Engineering-991801
webOS- Software Infrastructure Tools / Release Engineer-976550
webOS- Software Engineer QA-970251
webOS - Sr. Software Engineer-991551
webOS - Sr. Software Engineer-991832
Just go to HP site ( and enter the details of the job title/Id  in the search bar. A more general search with the keyword webOS should yield you other positions in other domains such as HI, Cloud, Product Management which are handled by 
Keep coming. There will be more.