Friday, August 17, 2012

Gram...and the unbearable lightness of being me.

WebOS has just been re branded as Gram. Long live Gram!
Unfortunately now is also the time for me to announce that I have left webOS. I am now working at Samsung.
Before the web takes this statement and make it again one of those this-is-the-proof-that-webOS-is-dying kind of thingy.
I want to make clear the following statement.
When I left webOS, I left a great team with great people and an organization with a credible business plan, a strategy and the support and means from HP to make it happen.
I also left an organization that was mature and had thought through its DNA and culture. And I left also an engineering team  that had been re-organized, re-composed, that was cranking out code, hiring, setting up processes and architecture like never before, with the budget and support to achieve their goals.
It is not up to me to predict the future and say whether they will be successful or not, Believe me when I say that Gram has a very, very good prospect. And my gut feeling is that it is not the last we hear from them.
I also left a great boss - named Martin Risau - which has been the major force behind this rebirth. A great boss, who made and said all the right thing to make it very hard for me to go.
Actually I left so much behind that it was one of the hardest professional decision I have ever had to make.
But in the end, what Samsung offered me, was- from a professional and purely intellectual point of view - simply to good to resist; I had to listen to a much lighter and selfish side of me and break away from a family to join a new one.
I needed to make this clear, as - starting next week - I will be recruiting for my new Samsung team and I did not want any confusion on the subject nor did I want this to be misinterpreted in any way.
I want to thank all the great people  I have worked with at webOS.
Martin, Leonid, Steve, Itai, Dragan, Jayshree, Kent, Enda, Gray, Susan, Christine, Keith, Keith, Roger, Ari, etc..and all the other that I could not name.... I will see you around and wish you luck from the bottom of my heart.