Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Graph search: great fun...to be handled carefully

I just tried Graph Search. I was on the waiting list as this was going to be good.  Not good as in useful-good, but good as in just plain fun.
Candy to the mind ..with the possibility to feed the little stalker that lies in all of us.
I have to say that the first 15 minutes were the best fun I had on the Internet since Google put a decent search engine out there. The sheer pleasure of finding meaningless facts about people kept me going... until the experience inevitably lead me down  memory lane as I encountered forgotten photos of myself commented or liked somewhere by somebody who was but a digital ghosts from Christmas past.

Thus, I oscillated between the state of mind of a poet and that of a trashy tabloid journalist for a quarter of an hour, but the effect kind of wears thin after a while...
In the end, you really do have to be a marketeer at heart to get a kick out of knowing that  there are over 100 female individuals in Bogota, Columbia, who both like Oreo cookies AND Origami....
But that only 7 individuals in Lisbon, Portugal like Oreo AND Mickey...
I shudder to think of the poor and alienated soul that will work the analytics on this one, desperately trying to find some sort of sickening and twisted correlation. ( Was Origami boosting the cookies sales? Or was Mickey suppressing Oreo? And how to factor in the Hispanic versus Lusophone aspect of the equation? What did it all mean?)

But, as my excitement wound down, I realized that I might be missing a little historical perspective.
After all, a few tries and the tool did allow me to find who were the "People who are Muslims " and living in my area, enlighten me to the fact that  there are "People who are Jewish and living in Ireland" as well as tell if my friends knew of any "Men who are interested in Men" or "People who like the Republican Party" .
The tool does seem equally adequate for either left or right wing dictatorship as well as any sort of genocide/bashing/hate crime that one may have in mind.

Bottom line: fun tool probably good for business, but - in case you have not done it already - you might want to tune your privacy setting and trim a bit your profiles if you don't want to be totally exposed.

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