Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Open Source positions are posted.

As mentioned before, we are creating an Open Source department that will focus on key open source technologies.  The Open Source department  is in  Silicon Valley - as part of my Advanced Software Platform organization  in Samsung Research America.
But there is also an office in London, UK - as part of Samsung European Research Institute (with a smaller satellite office in Helsinki, Finland).  So if you are also living in those countries and want to be in contact with those guys, you can also send us your CV and we will channel  them  to the relevant offices.
We are hiring sw developers on the following: Linux Kernel, Webkit, jQuery, Android, Hadoop, Tizen, EFL, FFMpeg, Gstreamer, LLVM, Cassandra, Cloudstack, HBase, U-boot, WEbinos, Openstack, Chromium OS, Lighttpd, Linaro, Cairo, Node.js, Wayland, and Xen.  This is not an exhaustive list, this list will grow  and we are potentially interested in any open source project that might move the needle - so there is no harm in contacting us anyway - if only to chat.
We will support the option to work remotely depending on your personal situation and we are also trying to build some core team here in Silicon Valley.
So if you are currently involved in any of these projects/technologies (or similar/related projects) as a contributor, committer, reviewer, maintainer, etc., and enjoy collaborating with the global community of open source developers, you can contact us by going through the site or sending me your CV directly.
That is the gist of it – if you want more details (about the content of the job, the requirements, etc…), go to, enter as location San Jose and as keyword: open source.


Anonymous said...

Would you like to share your email, please?

Dimitar said...

What about Eastern European countries? Can those developers apply for remote positions?

Yannick Pellet said...

go on my linkedin profile, you can contact me through it.

Yannick Pellet said...
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Yannick Pellet said...

Location is not necessarily an issue. We can provide the possibility of working from home, but it really depends on what job we are talking about. It is on a per case basis. so yes you can apply to remote positions.

Anonymous said...

Are you currently looking only for Developers at the moment or can Test Engineers, Support Engineers like Release Engineers etc who have former experience in Maemo/MeeGo are also needed here?