Saturday, September 14, 2013

Advanced Software Platform Lab Presence at LinuxCon North America

There are quite a few members of my lab who will be presenting talks next week at the LinuxCon North America So it is time to advertise them.

First, we have a couple of a technical tracks scheduled. Tasneem Brutch will be talking about enabling OpenCL acceleration for web applications  ( Tasneem is the chair of the Khronos WebCl group and she is a member of my research team working on platform acceleration. Mauro Chehab will give talk on RAS on Linux ( ). Mauro is part of our open source group  working in Brazil ( and yes we also have an office in Brazil where we have both an RD and open source team - so if anybody from Brazil wants to contact us, do not hesitate) Finally, Shuah Khan will be presenting a tutorial on cross-compiling Linux Kernel on X86_64 ( ).
We also have one legal talk by Ibrahim Haddad about open sourcing proprietary technology ( and as part of the Tizen Mini-summit, Guy Martin  will be presented the Tizen 3.0 Open Governance model together with Thiago Marciera from Intel (
Hope to see you all there.

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