Thursday, November 14, 2013

OpenCL and webCL available as add for Tizen SDK 2.2.1

Our team has just released an add-on to the Tizen SDK 2.2.1 that provides support for OpenCL for ARM CPU and webCL - see

OpenCL is an open standard from the Khronos Group defining to API's and a programing model to enable parallel computing on heterogeneous platforms (multi-core CPUs, GPGPU). WebCL- also specified by the Khronos group  -  defines the JavaScript bindings to OpenCL and allows web app developers to use the acceleration provided by OpenCL. 
Those API's should allow application developers to improve application performance by exploiting the parallelism of multi-core processor, it is particularly tailored for computing-intensive tasks, such as image processing, physics simulations, gaming, 3D animation, computational photography, etc... 

The Tizen add-on is our implementation of OpenCL 1.1 for ARM CPU. It works with the 
Reference Device-PQ ( - also known as the "Tizen developer device" - which hosts a quduad-core ARM A9 processor. 
The webCL implementation is as close as you can get to the current draft spec. (The specs have not  been ratified yet but Tasneem Brutch - heading the webCL working group on webCL and proud  member of our Lab - tells us that it is getting close).
The webCL implementation is a plugin version but we are also working on an integrated version ( - which will have much better performance.

The add-on only supports Linux for now and there are still a few limitations-  for instance related to kernel compilation, so please read the release notes carefully and the developer guide.

This is really just a small step for application developers who want start playing around and experiment with the technology, engage with us on the topic and get a feeling of the things to come. There are only binaries for the moment but the sample apps that comes with it are open.

This is only the beginning - more will come - as always we welcome your input, participation, feedback (please tell us if you encounter bugs or something broken).

Hope you enjoy it

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